Sunday, 30 January 2011


Theresa May tells Dominic Raab to shut the fuck up.

British men's penises now collectively ripped off and stuffed into their mouths to prevent them from saying anything sexist at work. 

Principle now established that women must not be offended at work by men who will lose their jobs if they infringe this rule.

We now live in a totalitarian state where women, who are responsible for half the social problems in this country, cannot now be criticised or offended.

Proud of ourselves, are we?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

BBC TV = Crone TV: Women virtually unsackable in Britain's Demented Matriarchy

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Get your job because of your looks, lose the job because you have lost them.

Looks like BBC TV is going to be full of old crones reading the news and forecasting the weather in the years to come.  When that happens no one will want to watch Crone TV and the BBC will lose influence and be held in hatred, ridicule and contempt as will Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland. 

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The British are "special"

Ofsted says nearly half a million children in England, labelled with special needs have been wrongly diagnosed. Jo Shuter, headteacher at Quintin Kynaston School, a secondary school in North London and John Bangs, former assistant general secretary of the NUT discuss the reasons for the high numbers.

At least on-in-five five school children in England are now classed as having special educational needs (SEN), according to Ofsted. Brian Lamb, who chaired an inquiry last year into whether parents had confidence in the SEN system, gives his reaction to the claims..

Special Needs Children should go to special schools. "Special" is a term of insult, now, is it not? A bit like "spastic". It is of course a middle class racket to give their children access to the character-deformining process of whingeing for more money and "special" pleading. Notice how that head teacher refused repeatedly to answer John Humphreys when he repeatedly asked her if she gets more government funding if she has a specially large number of specially educationally needy children. What happens in effect is that these middle class specially educationally needy children get butlers to follow them around and minister to their special needs at the expense of the merely average, who are more likely to be useful citizens of the future.  This teacher and middle class parent racket of Special Needs children disadvantages them.   

Give them more money, get more of the specially needy, ie educationally inadequate. Is that what we really want?  

Being the "special" people that the British are, we probably do. demonstrates what a fucking racket it all is.  

"Reward the inadequate!  Punish the productive!"  this is the rallying liberal cry. 

Well, I guess there is no reason why parasites in turn can't have their own parasites too.  When all the parasites in this country are busily feeding off each other in a unbreakable food chain of parasites who breed and eat other parasites, then this country will finally disappear up its own arsehole. 

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Montaigne, Grammar and Dangerously Dumbed-Down Britain

Reporter Tom Bateman spoke to the journalist and author Simon Heffer, who argues that most pupils have been left with "nothing but a random and often erroneous understanding of the components of language".

"Should children be taught a comprehensive understanding of English grammar?" The Today Programme asks.

"The greater part of the world's troubles are due to questions of grammar."

Only in Dangerously Dumbed-Down Britain is such an obvious question even asked, and discussed "seriously" by the supposedly most intelligent programme in the UK.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Girls! Go to university and have a 1 in 4 chance of becoming a lapdancer!

Do they have Lapdancing Studies at British universities?  I would be surprised if these endlessly create university course "producers" hadn't already thought of it. 

If so, can male students study it too?

If not, why not?  (Guys, if they say no, you can sue them for sex discrimination.)

Let's keep throwing taxpayers' money away to create useless degrees, useless graduates and a more basket case Britain!  You know it makes sense!